Morné Basson, founder of MBIHealth, has worked in the health, fitness and wellness industry for the past 23 years. He has travelled and worked around the world gaining valuable experience in the field of health and wellness. For him, health is a way of living. Morné is also the author of the book, Your Body Your Business that was published in 2013.

Through the loss of a family member to Motor Neuron Disease about 15 years ago, Morné became aware of this crippling disease. Through his passion for people and helping others, he become more involved in creating awareness for MND patients. Morné often share his personal experience and life stories through inspirational talks at events, companies and schools.

Morné recently became the first man to complete 31 Marathons (42,2km) in 31 Days on a treadmill at various venues in Gauteng. This was done to create awareness for Motor Neuron Disease. That took a lot of mental toughness and focus and earned him much respect for his efforts.

In 2018, Morné’s beloved fiancée sadly passed away… This took him on a new journey. Read more about this fairytale love story on the MBICARE page.

Going forward, he will combine this tragic loss and other life lessons to inspire others through his motivational sessions and awareness campaigns.

Feel free to invite Morné as a guest speaker at your next event or function. Your team will be inspired...

MBIHealth create awareness for Motor Neuron Disease and Undetected Pneumonia.

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