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The proof is in the pudding! You need to feel it to believe it!


Your feet are subject to constant pressure. When they hurt, everything hurts. Small abnormalities can lead to big problems, because with foot discomfort, chances are you are compensating somewhere. This usually leads to pain in the knees, hips, back – even up as far as the neck. Your feet are your foundation.


25% of all bones in your body are in your feet – each foot contains 26 bones. Misaligned movement patterns, repetitive stress and shoes are some of the factors that lead to foot problems.


The Pediball is a “must have” for people with circulation problems, people spending a lot of time on their feet, people with cold feet and people suffering from bunions, restless legs and other foot related problems.


Diabetic patients MUST use the PediBall every day. It is great for improved circulation, restless leg syndrome, ankle/knee/hip/back problems and much more.


It is like having your own Reflexologist with you 24/7. We deliver nationwide and the price includes delivery.


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